Once Upon A Wonderland

Chocolate Box Theatre and Music Theatre 2000 present

Once Upon A Wonderland

Based on and original concept by Nathan Potter and Simon Gray

This Show Is Now Closed

13th – 18th October 2015 @ Emporium

Directed and Choreographed by Nathan Potter and Emma Edwards
Musical Director Simon Gray

‘Once Upon A Wonderland’ is a magical evening of musical fun. Join the talented cast as they conjure up swashbuckling pirates, giant storms, mermaids, magical creatures and a battle on Big Ben! With limitless possibilities let your imagination take flight!

This 5 star award winning show, now in its third incarnation finally arrives in Brighton at Emporium. An eclectic mix of songs and dance from classic and contemporary West End and Broadway musicals, featuring a cast of enormously talented singers, dancers and musicians.

Cast List

The Ladies : 
Karen Boniface, Lea Hyde, 
Madison Horne, 
Melodie Hornett, Hollie Hines, 
Natasha Hubert, 
Sarah-Leanne Humphreys, 
Millie Mason and Grace Riach.

The Men: Gary Lynn,Conor Baum, Inti Condi, 
Edd Berridge, Laurence Bown, 
James Darby, Ollie Ray, Nathan Potter and John Wood.


What the papers say!

Wonderland, the world of musical theatre is visited again by Simon Gray and his creative team who steer 19 talented troubadours and hoofers through a new magical journey.
Eschewing over-familiar musicals they introduce over 30 numbers from more contemporary shows. The choice of songs is inspired.
Each segues effortless into the next and in doing so create a story. A boy and a girl meet – they part as he goes off on a journey. He gets shipwrecked, has adventures, eventually arriving back home to be reunited with his love.

A bit tame you might think but not so. A show packed with powerful singing, dancing and wonderful inventive staging, lighting and choreography. It’s amazing how the many spectacular dance routines can be achieved with such precision in so small a space.

There are many stand-out scenes – giant puppet creatures in the Jungle Of Nool; hilarious mermaids played in drag; bawdy ladies of the night singing Bring On The Men and the deliciously wicked Don’t Be The Bunny from Urinetown.

Lack of individual identification avoids the embarrassment of singling out some singers at the expense of others. The whole show is ensemble work of the highest quality.

Don’t miss it!

Five stars
Barrie Jerram – The Argus


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